You can totally have a small wedding and make it epic!

Can I just start off by saying LOVE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON PAUSE even though the rest of the world is in chaos!!!

With that being said, I'm sure you've seen some wild, epic pictures floating around Instagram or Pinterest of couples getting married in exotic locations. And I'm sure you've thought to yourself, "Man that looks so cool but I don't think we could do it because x-y-z (insert whatever excuse you give yourself)". And your excuse is definitely a valid point, but it doesn't need to be an excuse.

Remember those times when eloping meant running off to Vegas to the chapel on the strip and having Elvis marry you? All while that sounds like a great time too, that isn't the only option these days. So let's dive into what a modern day elopement is.

First, due to COVID-19, elopements, "micro-weddings", and "minimonies" are becoming a common trend. So what the heck are those!? Well here's the difference between them:

Elopements are typically very small, intimate weddings usually including some kind of adventure or exotic location. Before COVID-19, elopement ceremonies could typically have 0-30 guests. Nowadays, there typically is just the couple, a photographer and an officiant (who sometimes is the photographer or close relative). Imagine hiking Half Dome at sunrise and saying your vows at the top...

Micro-weddings are typically a normal wedding, including all of the activities you'd see at a wedding, like a ceremony and reception with a DJ, photographer, florist, decorations, etc but with 50 or less guests.

The minimony idea was formed due to COVID-19. A minimony is exactly what it sounds like, a small ceremony with up to 10-15 people to witness your vows. Some professionals are using the term "sequel wedding" in reference to a following reception that will happen with more people down the line when rules for events are lifted.

With all that being said, still couples are opting to postpone. In my professional opinion, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that idea. I would just like to offer an alternative option that I'm sure a lot of couples didn't know about.

I am all about destination, elopements and micro-weddings, OBVIOUSLY! I love them for so many reasons but my favorite reason is how intimate and real they are. Sometimes when you have such a big wedding, it can be difficult to see every guest or get alone time with your new spouse, heaven forbid. Or sometimes with a big wedding, it can be easy to feel like its a production, which if that's your thing, there's nothing wrong that.

But if you're more about celebrating your love and commitment with your closest family and friends, an elopement or micro-wedding might be a great option for you!

With an elopement, Frameworks Weddings has partnered with several photographers, florists and other vendors to offer a special package meant for those travel loving, adventurous couples. Basically, hiring Frameworks is a one stop elopement shop!

For micro-weddings, its very similar to the intimacy of an elopement with the feel of traditional wedding with minimal guests. For example, at a micro-wedding, you still might hire a DJ or a rental company.

Both types, elopements or micro-weddings, are great money savers! And you can still have a wedding planner who takes care of it all for a stress-free wedding day! If I could give you one piece of advice, without knowing you, I recommend truly thinking about what you could do with that $30K or more if you had a smaller, more intimate wedding. Just to fuel that thought, you could have an epic honeymoon, put more money down on your first house, save up for kids, have a big vacation fund, you name it! Talk about an investment!

Okay this felt like a super jumbled post but who cares! If you're still curious about whether an elopement or micro-wedding might be your thing, let's chat about it! Don't be shy to reach out!

P.S. My next blog post will be about free consultations and why they're important. That's a great time to dig into what options you have for your wedding. Don't hesitate to ask questions and get some free advice!

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