Stephanie + Andrew Dorosan

This is a long but great one, definitely worth the read!

Where to begin with these two...

I met Andrew and Steph on a camping trip with family and instantly became great friends! From wine and wings night to late night runs to get Frosty's, it didn't take long for them to feel like family too. Which is why this wedding was going to be a little different than your typical wedding...

Drew and Steph are far from ordinary, and their whole wedding in it's entirety is just one way to show how extraordinary they are. By the time they decided they wanted my help, they had already made the arrangements for their elopement in Zion National Park for April 24th. But they also wanted to have a reception for their friends to celebrate with them at Coronado Nautilus Room on Coronado Island on May 19th. They wanted a very DIY and overall relaxed, fun evening with friends to celebrate their vows!

Drew had hand written two beautiful chalk boards for their seating chart. The adorable signs with their dates and sunflowers came from Steph's friends who created those for her bridal shower! Her bridal shower was another fun day that I got to be apart of as her friend and coordinator.

Drew is a fireman for the Coronado Firehouse and many of his fire crew showed up to party! His captain actually karaoked Prison Bitch later after giving the best man speech. It became karaoke a couple times thanks to AZ Pianos. Yes, they had dueling pianos at their reception...and tacos. ordinary reception.

Tacos, alcohol, and dueling pianos. EPIC! About every 20 minutes, the couple was pulled over to the bar for a round of shots with their buds, including me a time or two.

And their little nuggets, Mila and Avery came for a little bit and started the dance party.

Okay so fun little back story about Mila and Avery...Mila is 6 and Avery is 4 years old and they could NOT be more opposite. For example, prior to the picture on the bottom right, Mila was twirling her skirt and dancing on the floor and Avery? Avery was rolling on the floor. Or when we over at Drew and Steph's one night, the girls were winding down before bed. Drew had told them both that if they cleaned their room, they could have some time on their iPad. Mila get's all excited and runs to start cleaning her room and Avery stands there, looks her dad up and down, and unbuttons her sleeves and begins to roll them up before walking away. Again, Avery is 4.

Finally, their first dance...

Grandmas, go ahead and skip this part...

When going over details for the day of the reception, I had asked about a first dance. Drew and Stephanie had no intentions of doing one simply because it's just not their thing. However, Ashley, the maid of honor, who I had again met at the bridal shower, came up to me and asked if they were going to do a first dance. When I had explained to her that they weren't into it, her response was, "Oh no, they're drunk enough, they need to do one!" And we knew that if we got them out on the dance floor, they would own it. So Ashley asked what song we should have the dueling pianos play...we both looked at each other and knew "Fuck Her Gently" was the way to go.

So back story, one night a group of us went to a local brewery. Steph and Drew sat in the back, controlling the radio and feeling pretty tipsy, Drew turned on "Fuck Her Gently" and instantly it became karaoke in the car because the two of them sang their hearts out to every word. So naturally, it became their first dance song.

My favorite part was when Drew turned bright red soon as the song started playing, but quickly began singing all the words with his bride! There was not a dry eye in the room from all the laughter and blushing. Not sure either of their family's knew that was their theme song...

Bottom line, I hope this wedding is a clear example of what I want in future couples and weddings that I get to plan. I hope to become great friends with the bride and groom throughout the wedding planning process that taking shots or getting jiggy on the dance floor is only natural! I never have nor ever will be an average planner. I will certainly make sure your day runs smoothly and beautifully, but if I have become friends with my couples, you bet your butt I'm partnering with the maid of honor to play an inappropriately fun trick on you. You better believe I'm going to take time to talk to your family members and get to know them. I will definitely be that person to make sure you have a drink in your hand at all times. You better believe that if no one is on the dance floor, I will unapologetically be the one to start that party!

Weddings are supposed to be filled with love and fun, so the quiet, awkward weddings are simply not my thing. Even if alcohol is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways that we can work together to party and make your wedding uniquely specific to you. So let's create something wild, adventurous, unique and outrageously fun and memorable for your big day!

Love you lots Steph and Drew! Your day was one I'll never forget and I'll always be grateful you chose me to work with you on your big day!


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