Life Update

Updated: Jun 10

Hey there friends!

I figured I'd better let ya know the latest inside scoop into my life since there's been some pretty big changes recently.

First off, I said "sayonara" to the Cali lifestyle and monotonous weather and "hellooooo" to Northern Arizona's outdoors and seasons. I never realized how much I loved seasons until I moved to San Diego, and well, there's only one season there: sun. Which to some is great, but I love clouds and wind and not sweating profusely year-round. Anywho, I was given an awesome opportunity to renovate my grandparents 2002 fifth wheel with my mom for a couple months prior to moving to Prescott, Arizona. That was so much fun, but also a lot more challenging than I was expecting.

So here I am, sitting at my cute little table in my tiny little 200 square foot fifth wheel in the sweetest little RV park community...which is right next to a lake, I might add. Making my adventurous, camping heart happy!

After a getting settled, I adopted my very own fur baby and I just love her to death! I've been waiting VERY patiently for the right time to adopt, and the day came. So, everyone meet June! #adoptdontshop

If this is your first time hanging with me, here's some other quirky fun facts about me:

I was a gymnast for 15 years.

And have coached gymnastics for about 7 years now! I love it!

I grew up flying with my grandfather in Cessnas which started my obsession with aviation! Some day I'd like to get my private pilot's license.

I love networking, especially in the creative wedding industry which is how my boyfriend and I get to do so many styled shoots, that we surprisingly LOVE to do.

Speaking of, my boyfriend's name is also Teegan...go ahead and chuckle. We still do!

We met through coaching, because the other Teegan also was a gymnast and has been coaching forever too. Oh, and of course he's a pilot...

(our students named us Heegan and Sheegan)

I'm an avid, obsessive decorator! Christmas is my favorite time of year to decorate and since I don't like Halloween, I celebrate by decorating for Christmas...of course I leave my decor up until the end of January!

I have a HUGE travel bug! My favorite ways to travel are for mission work and weddings, duh.

The way to my heart is through Friends and Top Gun quotes, sushi, chips and salsa, and old country music.

So if ya haven't yet, reach out and let's chat all about your wedding details while sipping margaritas! Always excited to meet new clients and of course your fur babies. In other words, yes, Frameworks Weddings is very pet friendly...bring on all the weddings featuring doggos!

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