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Updated: Jun 10

Hi there!

So I'm just going to be straight up honest from the get-go...I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to blogging but I do know I need to do it and it sounds fun, so we're just going to go with it!

I figured the best place to start is to give a little back story about me...

I was born and raised in "a little piece of the South" Fresno (but actually Clovis, but nobody has ever heard of Clovis), CA. I grew up next door to my best friend, was a leader in my youth group at church, started gymnastics at age 3, went camping every summer, and lived in a dairy barn for seven months while we built my family's newest house on my late great grandfather's old dairy farm.

Other than my history, I am a very service driven person because of my upbringing in yearly mission trips to Mexico and growing up at my home gym where I practiced and performed alongside other athletes of various abilities and disabilities.

I had plans to get my bachelor's in business after high school but that door was shut, leaving me to figure something else out. I did always know that I wanted out of Fresno. So I got myself a job at David's Bridal after kissing some hard ass because I had no prior experience in sales. Since being a "professional" flower girl in several weddings, I loved everything wedding related, from the dress, to the flowers, to the music, etc. Not sure exactly why that fascination started but everyday my Barbies were getting married sooo....

Anyways, my position at David's was transferable so I found my way out of Fresno! My family and I took several trips to San Diego when I was a kid and I absolutely loved SD, so it was an easy choice.

When I finally made it to San Diego, I got myself an internship with a local wedding coordinator while working for David's Bridal. In fact, my first weekend in SD, I assisted two back to back weddings! I interned for 9 months where I assisted and coordinated over 20 weddings, while selling wedding dresses and coaching gymnastics (a never-ending passion of mine).

After living in SD for 1.5 years and racking up all sorts of experiences and learning all sorts of lessons, I made a bold choice to launch my own company. Annnnnd here we are!

So why am I obsessed with all things weddings? Well, simply because I am the world's biggest SAP! I absolutely LOVE love! I love everything that goes into planning a wedding, from the dress, to the venue, to the photography, to the flowers. When I was little, I thought the bigger the better and the more traditional the better, when it came to weddings. But now, I am the world's biggest fan of just doing what fits you best, whether that be camping for a weekend and saying your vows between just the two of you or doing the big white wedding. Whatever way makes the bride and groom happy and the best scenario for them to make their commitment to each other.

And for some fun facts about me: I am the biggest Friends and Top Gun addict/nerd. I need my country music and Shania Twain to survive and have a gin/tonic and margarita obsession. My boyfriend is also named Teegan (but clearly he spells it wrong) and we like to take handstand pictures everywhere we go because we both were gymnasts. I absolutely LOVE everything related to theater, elicit the most absurd dance moves (you would not want to be seen with me in a club, unless you want to be embarrassed), am the shortest person in my entire family (thanks gymnastics), and have a HUGE travel bug.

I've always had a love for aviation! I grew up flying with my "Papa Go Go" in his Cessna 150. My mom had her private pilot's license for awhile as well. And my great grandpa (who had the dairy farm) was an ace in World War 2 who flew P-39's. I also flew Cessnas for an internship during high school. I've just always had a fascination to fly! So flying high in gymnastics was only natural for me.

I am most commonly referred to as "Miss Fix It", which, I admit, is not always a good thing, but it's my go-to mentality. It definitely comes in handy, though, considering my profession and industry!

With all that being said, I look forward to the wild adventures and incredible people I will run into in the future because of Frameworks. Feel free to reach out, say hi and let's do the dang thing and plan your beautiful wedding!

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