Every. Single. Bride. Needs. A. Planner.

One more time for the people in the back...yes, every single bride NEEDS a planner or coordinator! Coordinators and planners are needed even more today than ever before due to the massively growing wedding industry. So you could sit here, rolling your eyes and saying "ya whatever Teagan...you're just trying to persuade clients into booking you..." And to those people saying that, I have only one thing to say: if you're feeling convicted or curious, hang with me for a bit.

First off, this is not a persuasive essay, this is from one chica who has lots of experience (and is always learning) in a specific industry sharing her knowledge to the next chica. Ladies, I know you. Us girls, we can sometimes be hard to figure out and most of the time honestly, I don't even understand women. HA! But one thing I do know, because I am one, is that we can be sooooo stubborn. Constantly thinking "we got this" or my personal favorite, "I know what I'm doing". Quick question to those who say they know what they're doing...how? How would you know? How many weddings have you planned through and through?

The biggest trend in the wedding industry is DIY weddings and we have blown DIY way out of proportion now. That's not to say having a DIY wedding is bad, in fact I love them! But the idea of DIY what is causing the issues. Let me throw some stats at you and please read these thoroughly (all stats based on 2019 U.S. studies through Wedding Wire):


27% of engaged couples hire a planner/coordinator, day-of being the most popular

Okay so with those stats in mind....can I first just say, HOLY COW! ARE YOU KIDDING?! I don't know about you, but I can certainly say I can't afford to pay $230 PER GUEST!

*cue Father of the Bride freak out moment*

Here's the thing sis, no one is saying you CAN'T do it by yourself or have DIY wedding. Think about this way, we are your experienced cheerleaders! We want what you want! Especially if that means not going into debt to have a wedding. We're here to help make sure that doesn't happen.

Let me add one more stat in there:

  • Budgeting: on average, couples budget for about $16,000 but end up spending upwards of $29,000 because about 80% of couples set a budget PRIOR to researching vendors and often times under-estimate the prices of services and products.

And this is why I'm sitting here, pounding my keyboard, making sure you guys are getting this!!

One quick thing I'd like to address is the difference between a planner and coordinator and why it's important to know the difference. A planner is someone who helps plan the wedding from engagement to honeymoon. A planner does NOT do all the work without the bride's input. A planner will also be there on the big day and 99% of the time, they will be the BEST way for you to save money on your wedding. A coordinator is someone who usually helps in the final stages of wedding planning, usually in the last month, week, or even just the day of the wedding. Coordinators are basically administrators for the wedding day. They do NOT help with the entire wedding planning process.

With that being said, one of the best ways I like to tell people why they need a planner is by relating us planners to contractors. If you've ever done any kind of big remodeling job, you would most likely have hired a contractor. Why? Because they know the best products and brands to use for your project and can ultimately get you a "contractor's" or "industry" discount. The funny thing about contractors, is that they are widely skipped over nowadays just like coordinators because people think they can do it alllllll by themselves. Three attempts later and several holes in the wall, they finely cave and hire a contractor. Well guys, you only get one wedding day, not several attempts, so do yourself a favor and learn this lesson quickly and get some help with, like, the BIGGEST day of your life.

Here's a little more of an inside scoop: most wedding vendors really DO NOT want to work with DIY brides. They'll take your money for sure, but, to be frank, brides don't know what their doing because let's face it, are you, a first time bride, really going to know EXACTLY what to do for your ENTIRE wedding? NO! And you shouldn't!! Hence, planners and coordinators. So here's the big secret, planners can get you industry discounts because vendors trust that the planners will have them (the vendors) taken care of during the planning process and day-of. Vendors trust planners WAY more than they trust the brides purely because of a planner's experience.

So if the stats didn't do it for you, and straight up telling you that hiring a planner will actually SAVE YOU MONEY, then maybe this will: ladies, you can still have a DIY wedding and have a planner. THE most common mistake in DIY weddings is thinking that having a DIY wedding is CHEAPER. Sis....IT'S NOT! You end up spending more on vendors and extras that planners can save you from. Planners know what a good deal is and what isn't. We know smart ways you can save money. We know where your money is best spent, the best investments for your wedding. On top of the financial pros, like I said earlier, we're your biggest cheerleader. We know what you're going through and have so much experience under our belts that we've seen it all and are prepared for anything. We run around in the background making sure everything runs smoothly... so ya, we're basically superwoman.

Bottom line brides, do yourself a HUGE favor and hire a planner as your first step in the planning process. Come spill all your dreams and sappy love stories to us because we truthfully want to be apart of it all and be as helpful as possible. You'll thank me later.

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