Cassidy + Nate Gagliardi

As of March 10th, good friends of mine, Cassidy and Nate Gagliardi, hit their first anniversary as a married couple. And I will be forever grateful they included me in their wedding. This a long but great story, you're going to want to read it all...

I’ve known Cassidy for a few years now, thanks to coaching together. And let me tell you about Cassidy for a hot sec. She is the most infectiously joyful person you will ever meet in your life! She is beautiful from the inside out. And then Nate comes along, and compliments her beauty even more!

So when the time came for their epic wedding and Cass asked me to coordinate, it was an easy duh!

Cassidy was a DIY bride and loved every minute of it! She would call or text me with questions but wanted to do most of it by herself. Their wedding venue was at Kinnabrew Farms in Fresno County, which was owned by a sweet family who rents out their property for free out of the goodness of their hearts and for mission service for God. The two had invited about 350 people and about 300 showed up. Let me tell you why this day was so epic. Not only was the immense amount of love infectious, but the whole day was incredible.

So the day before the wedding, I arrived to help set up and run the rehearsal. Throughout the whole weekend, weather seemed to be an issue. Long story short, it was forcasted to rain 100%. Nate didn't think it was going to rain, but he had a friend that could bring a couple of "Easy-Ups" if need be. For my fellow planners out there, you can understand my anxiety level by then. On the day of the wedding, I arrived early for more set up, and at this point there was a 60% chance of rain. Cass and Nate still felt like it wasn't going to rain so he didn't want to call his "easy-up" friend. Cassidy's mom had come up to me and we chatted a bit about the weather, when Nate came up and said, "Ya know what, if it does rain, we'll be fine, it'll be fun and our guests will come support us anyways. So what we get wet."

Well okay then! We get wet! We had umbrellas on deck for the bridal party and had tents covering food and the DJ. So we went with it! I stalled the processional for a few minutes because it started to sprinkle, and ten minutes later, the rain was completely done.

Here's my favorite part...a couple guys were watching the radar before the wedding. After the ceremony they showed me a picture of the had rained LITERALLY in a circle around the venue site! Craziest thing I had ever scene!

The Gagliardi wedding was also the shortest wedding I’ve been to or done! Ha! The ceremony started at 3:10pm and the newlyweds were ready to go at 7pm. With the temperatures dropping, some of their guests came for the ceremony the left, and some stayed for the reception. We had a buffet line for dinner and a donut bar for dessert after Cass and Nate shoved cake in each others faces. There was quite the party on the dance floor after the bouquet and garter toss. Cassidy, Nate and guests had a good laugh playing the shoe game. Around 6:30, Cassidy came up to me and said they were ready to go home as newlyweds and get some "sleep" before their early morning flight to Puerto Vallarta for the honeymoon. After getting the guests ready for a glow stick departure, we said goodbye to Cass and Nate at 7pm.

It was an awesome whirlwind of a day, one of which I will never forget. No one cared that the chairs weren’t chiavari or had any covers. Nobody cared that the wedding was only three and a half hours long. Nobody cared that we had a dollar tree aisle runner that got dirty as soon as the first member of the bridal party stepped on it. Nobody cared that the ceremony site and reception site was the same spot, literally. I would bet that nobody even noticed those details except for me. And I love how beautiful that is! It was so beautiful that Cassidy pulled off a very budget friendly wedding and 300 people came to witness the outpouring of love.

And that is why I do what I do. To focus on the incredible amount of love that goes into a wedding (Like Nate's reaction when Cassidy began walking down the aisle. Once we saw Nate's reaction, there was not a dry eye around), and not on the nitty-gritty details.

Check out their highlight wedding video:


Day-Of Coordination: Teagan Frame - Frameworks Weddings

Photographer: Danielle Wraith - Danielle Wraith Photography

Videographer: Benny Gagliardi - Benny Gagliardi Visuals

DJ/Photobooth: Dale the DJ Dude

Catering: DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant

Donuts: Krispy Kreme Donuts

Florist: Valerie White-Petal Pushers

Hairstylist: Anna Orosco

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